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The Ireland Funds Makes $100,000 Commitment to Immigrants in the US

Irish Funds

An experienced investment professional, Michael T. Jackson formerly lived in Belvedere, California. Since relocating to Florida from Belvedere, he has headed SFG Asset Advisors, which he founded. Actively involved with his community, Michael T. Jackson sits on the board of the Ireland Funds America, part of the Ireland Funds, which promotes education and cultural development in Ireland and other countries around the world.

Recently, the Ireland Funds announced a $100,000 grant for the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers, which oversees immigration centers across the United States. At a time when many Irish immigrants are feeling uncertain about the future, this grant will help fund humanitarian programs. The money is intended for direct services, such as child care, medical assistance, legal counsel, and help with living expenses.

The Ireland Funds America recognizes the stress caused by the immigration debate and other political issues, and works to provide practical help to individuals who could be affected. The coalition has confirmed that there is a need for urgent relief and direct support for Irish immigrants in America, and this gift will go a long way in making people feel more secure.


Fledgling Fund – Supporting Documentary Efforts With Social Impact



The Fledgling Fund pic

The Fledgling Fund
Image: thefledglingfund.org

Formerly based in Belvedere, California, Michael T. Jackson had a high-profile career in the corporate finance and hedge fund management sphere. Michael T. Jackson was actively involved in charitable activities spanning Belvedere and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on health care and social issues. Now a Florida resident, he has provided funding for the Fledgling Fund, which provides grants to worthy documentary filmmakers.

Having supported nearly three 350 projects over the past decade, the Fledgling Fund focuses funding on movies with the potential to positively impact society. Subjects range from the environment to social justice, with current grants supporting documentaries such as Daughters of the Forest, which follows the lives of students who attend the Mbaracayú Forest Girls’ School in Paraguay. Girls who attend the school are provided with a practical education that focuses on providing them with entrepreneurial skills to launch sustainable ventures.

Another recent Fledgling Fund grant-funded movie, Death by Design examines the hidden costs associated with consumer devices, both in terms of environmental degradation and in the lives of factory workers in countries such as China.

Victoria Falls – The World’s Largest Waterfall

Victoria Falls Image: travel.nationalgeographic.com

Victoria Falls
Image: travel.nationalgeographic.com



Now living in Florida, former Belvedere, California, resident Michael T. Jackson founded and functions as the president of a family foundation that supports organizations focused on social issues and health care. An advocate for research in the area of orthopedic regenerative healing, he also established the Napa Medical Research Foundation to the northeast of Belvedere. An avid traveler, Michael T. Jackson is particularly fond of visiting Africa in his spare time.

Located on the Zambezi River, Africa’s fourth largest river, Victoria Falls is one of the world’s most popular attractions. With a length exceeding 1 kilometer and height of more than 100 meters, it qualifies as the world’s largest waterfall.

Barely visited before a railway was constructed to Bulawayo in 1905, Victoria Falls has since been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1990, it has attracted approximately 300,000 people annually, and over the next decade, this figure is expected to increase.

The Fledgling Fund’s Engagement Lab Promotes Engagement and Outreach


The Fledgling Fund pic

The Fledgling Fund
Image: thefledglingfund.org

Michael T. Jackson is a former resident of Belvedere, California, and the founder of SFG Asset Advisors. Now retired, Michael T. Jackson spends much of his time working with various charitable and community organizations. Over the years, the former Belvedere resident has partnered with many nonprofit organizations including The Fledgling Fund, which helps to fund and develop documentary films focused on social issues such as equal access to healthcare, education, and gender equality.

The Fledgling Fund seeks to address issues that affect vulnerable populations through a variety of programs and creative media projects. One of the foundation’s programs is the Fledgling Engagement Lab. The goal of the Lab is to provide support for documentary filmmakers who want to increase their audience engagement level and create larger social impact through their projects. Focused on working with a small number of film teams, the Lab supports each project and brings in experts to help filmmakers create better strategies for reaching and engaging their desired audience.

First launched in 2014, the Fledgling Engagement Lab was financially supported by the Dobkin Family Foundation and the Ford Foundation. It works with documentary film projects that are still in their early stages and are backed by committed and collaborative film teams. Each team participates in the Lab through a combination of online and in-person meetings and focused residencies.