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Liquidity Risk in Investing


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Liquidity Risk

Former Belvedere, California, resident Michael T. Jackson is the founder of SFG Asset Advisors (SFGAA). Having moved from Belvedere to Florida, Michael T. Jackson oversees investment activities at SFGAA, including managing portfolio liquidity risks.

In investing, liquidity risk is the risk that an investor will not be able to find a market for his or her investment. It is the risk that an investment will not be bought or sold fast enough to mitigate losses.

The risk plays out in the market when buyers and sellers of securities are not able to find each other quickly. As a result, buyers raise their bids, or sellers sell below their target price. For example, an investor holding a bond valued at $100,000 may need cash quickly but is unable to find a buyer for the asset in the market. The investor ends up selling for less money to meet his urgent liquidity need.

Although this risk is more prevalent in markets for long-term illiquid investments, such as real estate, fundamentally, every asset carries a certain amount of liquidity risk, depending on factors such as market efficiency and the availability of buyers. In the market, this risk is usually reflected in wide bid-ask spreads or unusually wide price movements.


Early History of Polo


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Former Belvedere, California resident Michael T. Jackson has long enjoyed horsemanship, especially polo. The Founder and former CEO of SFG Asset Advisors, Michael T. Jackson used to be an avid polo player in his college years, and has remained a polo enthusiast to this day. Currently retired and living in Florida, Michael T. Jackson is a member of the Palm Beach Polo Club, where he and his wife frequently attend polo games.

Polo is one of the world’s oldest sports, dating back to wartime training exercises among Asian nomads nearly 3,000 years ago. The sport as it is known today originated in India, making its way west after British military officers learned the game from residents of Manipur. Within two decades, it had spread to every continent, thanks in part to James Gordon Bennett, the publisher of the New York Herald.

This rapid spread led to changes in gameplay. Polo became more orderly and began to shift from dribbling along to high-speed swings, leading to a change in the types of horses used. Polo ponies today include thoroughbreds, quarter horses, and ponies, and are often much taller than those of the past. These changes have served to make polo a faster-paced and more spectacular game.

The Ireland Funds – Inspiring a Generation of Young Musicians


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The Ireland Funds

Michael T. Jackson resided in Belvedere, California from 1994 to 2002. He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California. While he and his wife moved from Belvedere to Florida several years ago, much of their family continues to live in California’s Bay Area. Michael T. Jackson focuses on a number of philanthropic causes and serves on the Board of Directors for the US chapter of The Ireland Funds.

Founded in 1976, The Ireland Funds is a global philanthropic network involved with Irish-related causes across the globe. Through chapters in 12 countries, the organization has raised more than $550 million to fund various programs, including Music Generation.

Music Generation is a music education project established in 2009 in partnership with the rock band U2, which was formed in Dublin and has become one of the best-known groups in the world. U2 and The Ireland Funds sponsored the program with gifts of over €7 million, deemed as the single largest charitable donation to music education in Ireland’s history.

Through the program, tens of thousands of young people have been able to access subsidized tuition for musical training within their localities. Moreover, in excess of 350 job opportunities opened to musicians who were employed to help deliver the program across the country.

Since its initial development, the program has received a second round of major funding from U2, The Ireland Funds, and the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, as well as a commitment from the Irish government to co-fund the program in the future.

Escape Fire Examines the Health Care System in America

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Escape Fire

Investment professional Michael T. Jackson is a former resident of Belvedere, California. At the family based investment office SFG Asset Advisors, Mr. Jackson established and implemented hedged equity investment strategy. Michael T. Jackson has relocated from Belvedere to Florida and continued his philanthropic support for a variety of charitable organizations, including The Fledgling Fund.

As a non-profit organization that invests in creative media projects to bring lasting change, The Fledgling Fund operates around a vision set by its founder Diana Barrett. Her vision centers on a belief that well designed media projects can help vulnerable populations by educating groups and individuals about important social issues and encouraging mobilization.

In 2012, The Fledgling Fund contributed to an important film titled “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare”. The film examined the motives and money behind today’s medical system, one in which quick fixes are the norm and preventive approaches are minimized or dismissed.

“Escape Fire” was released at the Sundance Film Festival and received a number of awards. Subsequently, it premiered on CNN, drawing an audience of 2 million people. As the film’s message spread, a successful outreach and engagement campaign was launched. Through social media platforms and an interactive website, the campaign worked to continue the discussion at a national level and to encourage individuals and groups to take action.

The makers of “Escape Fire” succeeded in changing the health care discussion. Already, the film has been shown at over 700 screenings at universities across the country, and it is now offered as an option for nurses wishing to take continuing education classes. In addition, it is becoming a fixture in educational classes for medical professionals, community wellness organizations, and health care groups.

NMRF Opens State-of-the-Art Laboratory


The Ireland Funds Makes $100,000 Commitment to Immigrants in the US

Irish Funds

An experienced investment professional, Michael T. Jackson formerly lived in Belvedere, California. Since relocating to Florida from Belvedere, he has headed SFG Asset Advisors, which he founded. Actively involved with his community, Michael T. Jackson sits on the board of the Ireland Funds America, part of the Ireland Funds, which promotes education and cultural development in Ireland and other countries around the world.

Recently, the Ireland Funds announced a $100,000 grant for the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers, which oversees immigration centers across the United States. At a time when many Irish immigrants are feeling uncertain about the future, this grant will help fund humanitarian programs. The money is intended for direct services, such as child care, medical assistance, legal counsel, and help with living expenses.

The Ireland Funds America recognizes the stress caused by the immigration debate and other political issues, and works to provide practical help to individuals who could be affected. The coalition has confirmed that there is a need for urgent relief and direct support for Irish immigrants in America, and this gift will go a long way in making people feel more secure.

Napa Medical Research Foundation Supports GTPS Research

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Napa Medical Research Foundation

Michael T. Jackson, formerly of Belvedere, California, has worked for decades building an accomplished career in emerging markets and hedge funds. He established SFG Asset Advisors in 2001, and subsequently relocated from Belvedere to Florida. Throughout his career, Michael T. Jackson has demonstrated a passion for philanthropic work by supporting such initiatives as the founding of Napa Medical Research Foundation (NMRF).

NMRF regularly supports research exploring new treatments for disorders of the skeletal system and brain. The organization is currently participating in a number of research projects, including a study of greater trochanteric pain syndrome, or GTPS.

A condition typically found in both the elderly and middle-aged population, GTPS causes pain in the greater trochanter, which sits on the upper leg, near the hip joint. Individuals with this condition generally feel more intense pain after engaging in rigorous activity or lying on the afflicted area.

Through the support of NMRF, researchers have been able to hypothesize that tearing of the rotator cuff elicited the most persistent symptoms in GTPS patients. Therefore, scientists are looking to develop a treatment that involves the use of plasma platelets. When injected into the trochanter, this solution should help patients experience rapid healing and overcome their symptoms permanently.

This research has already elicited promising results. Between 80 percent and 90 percent of patients who received this experimental treatment saw an eradication of all their GTPS symptoms after a month. In the future, NMRF and its affiliate researchers hope to enlist the help of more patients for further trials.