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BULLY: The Documentary that Inspired a Movement




Retired entrepreneur Michael T. Jackson previously lived in Belvedere, California and founded two companies in San Francisco: Emerging Growth Management and SFG Asset Advisors. Michael T. Jackson has since moved from Belvedere to Florida. In partnership with The Fledgling Fund, Mr. Jackson has supported numerous documentaries, including “Sin by Silence”, “Saving Face”, and “BULLY”.

Directed by the Emmy Award winner Lee Hirsch, “BULLY” is a documentary that reveals what it’s like to be one of the 13 million American kids who get bullied every year. With a character-driven narrative, the documentary takes a close look at the lives of five children who represent different facets of the bullying crisis, and reveals how the crisis transcends geographic, economic, racial and ethnic borders. It also documents the teachers’ and administrators’ responses, and the expanding movement among kids and their parents to change the bullying culture.

BULLY” (the documentary) inspired a social action campaign called “The BULLY Project” and the subsequent “10 Million Kids” initiative to bring the film to schools around the country and show it to 10 million school children and their educators.


Liquidity Risk in Investing


Liquidity Risk  pci

Liquidity Risk

Former Belvedere, California, resident Michael T. Jackson is the founder of SFG Asset Advisors (SFGAA). Having moved from Belvedere to Florida, Michael T. Jackson oversees investment activities at SFGAA, including managing portfolio liquidity risks.

In investing, liquidity risk is the risk that an investor will not be able to find a market for his or her investment. It is the risk that an investment will not be bought or sold fast enough to mitigate losses.

The risk plays out in the market when buyers and sellers of securities are not able to find each other quickly. As a result, buyers raise their bids, or sellers sell below their target price. For example, an investor holding a bond valued at $100,000 may need cash quickly but is unable to find a buyer for the asset in the market. The investor ends up selling for less money to meet his urgent liquidity need.

Although this risk is more prevalent in markets for long-term illiquid investments, such as real estate, fundamentally, every asset carries a certain amount of liquidity risk, depending on factors such as market efficiency and the availability of buyers. In the market, this risk is usually reflected in wide bid-ask spreads or unusually wide price movements.

SFAI – The Original Disruptor Gala

San Francisco Art Institute pic

San Francisco Art Institute

A one-time resident of Belvedere, California, Michael T. Jackson is the founder of SFG Asset Advisors, and a former member of the board of trustees of the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). Although no longer living in Belvedere, Michael T. Jackson has lent his support to the SFAI for a number of years. The organization is currently gearing up to host the Original Disruptor Gala in April of 2017.

The Disruptor Gala presents twelve alumni artists with the opportunity to create temporary bars and lounges. The aim is to create a number of visually striking sites, with the focus being placed on delivering the unexpected, in commemoration of the ground-breaking artists that have emerged from the SFAI’s Chestnut Street campus in Russian Hill, such as Ansel Adams, Barry McGee, and Joan Brown.

The event is the premier fundraiser in the SFAI calendar, with all proceeds going toward student scholarships. The evening itself will be a celebration of the spirit of the organization, and of those who have graduated from SFAI in the past. Discover more about the Disruptor Gala by visiting