Early History of Polo


Polo pic

Image: Polomuseum.com

Former Belvedere, California resident Michael T. Jackson has long enjoyed horsemanship, especially polo. The Founder and former CEO of SFG Asset Advisors, Michael T. Jackson used to be an avid polo player in his college years, and has remained a polo enthusiast to this day. Currently retired and living in Florida, Michael T. Jackson is a member of the Palm Beach Polo Club, where he and his wife frequently attend polo games.

Polo is one of the world’s oldest sports, dating back to wartime training exercises among Asian nomads nearly 3,000 years ago. The sport as it is known today originated in India, making its way west after British military officers learned the game from residents of Manipur. Within two decades, it had spread to every continent, thanks in part to James Gordon Bennett, the publisher of the New York Herald.

This rapid spread led to changes in gameplay. Polo became more orderly and began to shift from dribbling along to high-speed swings, leading to a change in the types of horses used. Polo ponies today include thoroughbreds, quarter horses, and ponies, and are often much taller than those of the past. These changes have served to make polo a faster-paced and more spectacular game.


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