Exposure and Light Can Make or Break a Photo

Exposure and Light pic

Exposure and Light
Image: picturecorrect.com

A former resident of Belvedere, California, Michael T. Jackson currently lives in Florida. An alumnus of the University of Virginia, he studied for his MBA in finance at the University of Southern California. Michael T. Jackson enjoys photography in his leisure time.

Cameras come with an abundance of buttons that a beginner may find overwhelming. Exposure is a critical part of taking clear photos. Newer camera models should have a button that controls exposure. It’s crucial that such a button be pushed if your camera has it. Try not to rely on a camera’s automatic mode too much, as it typically fails to yield the hoped for results. Cameras may seem intimidating, but once they are figured out, experiencing captivating photos will be worth it.

Perfect lighting is key to taking a professional-looking photo. Most photographers take their photos during the golden hour, the hour that is right before sunset. During that hour, there is usually just the right amount of shadows to create the perfect contrast, which dramatically improves photos.


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