Napa Medical Research Foundation’s Focus on Sever’s Disease


Napa Medical Research Foundation Image:

Napa Medical Research Foundation

An entrepreneur and investor, Michael T. Jackson, a former Belvedere, CA resident, has decades of experience in emerging growth markets and running successful hedge fund operations. In 2002, Michael T. Jackson moved from Belvedere and now resides in Florida, where he remains actively engaged in a variety of philanthropic projects and initiatives. Most recently, he founded the Napa Medical Research Foundation, which conducts research in the area of regenerative healing and minimally invasive treatments.

One of the Napa Medical Research Foundation’s focus areas is research on Sever’s disease, a condition that affects children between the ages of 7-12. Sever’s disease is manifested by pain in the heel and Achilles tendon, which occurs when the heel bone grows faster than the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

The symptoms include limping, tenderness, tightness and swelling in the affected area. The Napa Medical Research Foundation has developed a specialized 12-week exercise program that may resolve all symptoms of the condition, replacing less effective orthotics and cast-boots, and allowing affected children a much faster return to sports and physical activities.


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